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Google X Is Trying To Create A Working Tricorder From ‘Star Trek’

Your health woes will still be woes in the future, but Google wants to make sure you can fix them a lot quicker.


Supreme Court Rules That Hobby Lobby Can Deny Birth Control To Employees. Twitter Reacts Accordingly.


Some people were outraged over the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, while some rejoiced. Others just wanted to make jokes.

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Watch Adam Scott Reprise His Role As Derek From 'Step Brothers' To Sell You Obamacare


Adam Scott steps back into Derek's leather jacket to get people registered at Healthcare.gov.


A North Carolina Hospital Charged A Guy $81,000 For $750 Worth Of Snake Bite Medicine


A North Carolina man was shocked to find a routine treatment for a snake bite turn into the hospital overcharging him for $700 worth of meds.


20 Countries Besides Canada Stupid People Are Threatening To Move To Because Of #Obamacare


SOOOO, you might have heard that the Supreme Court did something today, I have no idea what that something isĀ -- even though our very own Danger Guerrero explained it all using GIFs from "The O.C." -- because I've been too busy looking up clips of strippers.

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