The World According To Julie J: #SXSW Photo Edition

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The Queen of the Trap's Austin adventures in pics.


KD – “Gold & Light” Video


Ask Alabama's own, <a href="">KD</a>, what his two main priorities are for the remainder of summer and heading into the fall.


KD – Diary Of A Trill N*gga Mixtape

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Alabama's own KD brings his own version of street knowledge mixed with a little spirituality with the Diary Of A Trill N*gga mixtape.


KD – “SummaTime” (Prod. By John Qwest)

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Vitamin D from the sun is a magical thing.

Traps N Trunks

TNT Presents Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 35 Mixtape (Hosted By KD)


Tired of pulling together loose files for your playlists.


KD x DJ Burn One x DJ 5150 – Crown Me Mixtape

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You know who may be looking to validate his coronation this June, but <a href="" target="_blank">KD's</a> already enjoying the fruits of his own throne with the release of the <a href="" target="_blank">DJ Burn One</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">DJ 5150</a> guided mixtape, Crown Me.

Vinnie Chase: Season 2

Loosies: King Mez Describes His “Reign,” Ras Kass On The “Ozone,” Jon Connor & Scotty

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<a href="">King Mez</a> is a beneficent ruler, as evidenced by the jewels he drops while talkin' recording and Jordans on the self-produced track "Reign.


KD’s PSA To All The Misguided Women Of The World

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A wise man once told me a good woman is hard to come by and even rarer to keep.

Summer Dreams

Scotty & DJ Burn One – Summer Dreams Mixtape

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Being in good company can open doors that otherwise probably would have never been.

Young Dro

On The Road To SXSW With DJ Burn One

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Words: Dominick Brady “It’s a beautiful day for a road trip.


KD – “My Dawgz” Video

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<a href=""> While not receiving the ballyhoo treatment of other releases this year, <a href="">KD's</a> G-Fluid has pleasantly ranked as one of the more enjoyable projects.


KD – G-Fluid

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<a href=""> 'Bama continues making small but sizeable dents into the current framework of rap. Expect no less from <a href="">KD</a> and G-Fluid, which features production by DJ Burn One, B.

We Got Now

KD – “Running Away”

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<a href=""> It's always fulfilling to see a region experience an emergence in the rap game without being renown for a stifling gimmick that will eventually prove to be impossible to shake. What should have been solidified with Rich Boy is finally coming to fruition a half of decade later in the dominant presence of Alabama Hip-Hop. Yelawolf, <a href="">Rittz</a> and Jackie Chain have all shown they have the country appeal to crossover to big cities and KD is apparently no different.

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