Coalmine Records Celebrates 10 Years In The Game With ‘Unearthed’ Album


The NY-based label toasts to a decade of quality Hip-Hop.

The Godfathers (Kool G. Rap And Necro)

Studio Sessions With The Godfathers, Kool G. Rap And Necro

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Any talks of regionalism in Hip-Hop meets eye-rolls wherever you're at. At the same time there's something great about hearing hometown sounds blast in the face of modern music. <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/necro">Necro</a> and <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/kool-g-rap">Kool G. Rap</a> set out to do just that: stand firm on NY rap's long lineage with the streets and hard beats.


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of <a href="../2011/05/jennifer-lawrence-is-naked-and-some-other-things-happened">Jennifer Lawrence</a>.


J-Love Feat. Kool G. Rap, Cormega & Roc Marciano – “Tricks Of The Streets”

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J-Love's joined by three street-wise rap mavericks who recognize that how to really make it in America means learning to survive the jux.

Offer You Can't Refuse EP

Free Music: Kool G. Rap’s Offer You Can’t Refuse EP

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<a href="http://koolgrapnow.com/downloads/Default.aspx"> Looking to legally download eight tracks of new material from one of rap's most venerated emcees, featuring guest spots from Havoc and The Alchemist? Trade in one of your email addresses and get it now at <a href="http://koolgrapnow.com/downloads/Default.aspx">KoolGRapNow.com</a>.


1.20 The Cooler

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=163154"> Kimmie Nicole The Kids Are All Right: 14 Internet Child Stars To Watch In 2011 <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/feature/2011/01/the-kids-are-all-right-14-internet-child-stars-to-watch-in-2011">[Uproxx]</a> 7 Rules For Effective Social Networking For Artists <a href="http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2011/01/effective-social-networking-for-artists-bringing-music-streaming-to-the-masses.html">[Hypebot]</a> Redman Says Lack Of Sampling Hurt Hip Hop, Praises Cypress Hill <a href="http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.13740/title.redman-says-lack-of-sampling-hurt-hip-hop-praises-cypress-hill">[HHDX]</a> Are The Clippers A Bigger Draw Than The Lakers This Year.

Young Chris

DJ Drama x Cookin Soul – History In The Making

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<a href="download-dj-drama-and-cookin-soul-history-in-the-making"> Mr. Thanksgiving and the producers who do it better the 2nd time, Cookin Soul, come through with another freebie on this glorious Tuesday to make your iPod smile. When is the last time you heard a compilation mixtape that was worthy of constant spins? More than likely it was a <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/cookin-soul">CS presentation</a>.


DJ Supa Dave’s Droppin Science: The Best Of Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/07/download-dj-supa-dave-droppin-science-the-best-of-kool-g-rap-big-daddy-kane"> A blast from the distant past here as Bash Brother & DMC Champ <a href="http://www.myspace.com/supadaveassassin">DJ Supa Dave</a> presents a throwback mix featuring the works of <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/big-daddy-kane">BDK</a> and <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/kool-g-rap">Kool G. Rap</a>, two of the nicest to ever touch mics.

Yo Gotti

Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia EP

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/05/the-real-rick-ross-sues-wants-his-name-back-from-rapper-rick-ross"> To prequel Rawse's transformation into the <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/teflon-don">Teflon Don</a> this summer, Def Jam and Maybach Music Group deliver The Albert Anastasia EP for you to stuff your face into until it's numb.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist Feat. Kool G. Rap – “ALC Theme”

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I always find it awkward to include the "The" in Alc's name but I've seen it listed both with & without the "The.

Wu Tang Chamber Music

Raekwon Feat. Kool G. Rap & M.O.P. – “Ill Figures”

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Quite a hardcore mix here over a bluesy track so make sure your wallet is tucked before cueing it up.

Pete Rock

“…If Worse Came To Worse, We’d Have All Said A Curse”

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That "with Friends" that they throw on this was a huge understatement.


Nature – I Thought I Told You

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Longtime Queensbridge rhymer Nature is set to return with his a brand new album Pain Killer on 11.

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