Weezy Wednesdays

Sing Along To Lil Wayne’s “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up”

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Weezy Wednesdays hit its thirteenth installment yesterday.

#Justin Bieber

Lil Twist Airs Out Justin Bieber’s Manager For Planting “Lil Twist Is A Bad Influence” Stories

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Twist says Scooter Braun is the source of fake stories, painting him in a horrible light so Justin can remain as “squeaky clean” as he hopes his STD test results will be.

#Justin Bieber

Lil Twist Ft. Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber – “Twerk”

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This is never going to stop because Miley already told you that she can't stop.

The Police Blotter

Justin Bieber’s Sidekick Lil Twist Nabbed For DUI

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Beliebers can breathe a temporary sigh of relief knowing Justin Bieber is safe.

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