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Canada’s Boston Pizza Has Brought Us The Pizza Taco And Maybe A Pizza Cake

By | 16 Comments

Boston Pizza's new 'Pizza Game Changer' ad campaign has created the 'pizza cake,' which may change the food game forever.

Warner Bros.

Wally Pfister Is Not Happy With The Marketing Of ‘Transcendence’

By | 7 Comments

Wally Pfister's first movie, 'Transcendence', has seen some... "streamlining" in its trailers.


‘The Raid 2′ Has Been Turned Into A Playable 8-Bit Video Game And It Is Awesome

By | 8 Comments

In a wonderful marketing decision, 'The Raid 2' has been made into a playable online 8-bit action game and you can win an Xbox for a high score.


Taco Bell Is Giving Away A.M. Crunchwrap Bed Sheets And Pajamas

By | 7 Comments

To build up excitement for the launch of its breakfast menu tomorrow, Taco Bell is giving away a bunch of really strange products.


Let's Take A Moment To Celebrate The Great March Madness Tradition Of Vasectomies

By | 7 Comments

Let's take a closer look at the great deals that urologists offer for vasectomies before and during the NCAA Tournament.


What If Europe's Top Football Clubs Got The American Sports Logo Treatment?

By | 6 Comments

Here's a pretty good idea of what it might look like if the sports logos of Europe's best clubs were suddenly designed by Americans.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Why I’m Worried About ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

By | 78 Comments

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' finally debuted a trailer... and it's hinting Marvel might just have some trouble.


Champ Kind Offered Up His Trademark ‘WHAMMY!’ For Colin Cowherd

By | 5 Comments

David Koechner stopped by 'Colin Cowherd's New Football Show' on Sunday in character as Champ Kind from 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues.'


Ron Burgundy On A Street Corner With Donuts & A 40? The ‘Anchorman 2′ Marketing Blitz Continues.

By | 9 Comments

The Ron Burgundy marketing blitz continues on Reddit and they aren't even trying at this point. Just release the movie already!

anchorman 2

Ron Burgundy Is Getting His Own Scotch Whisky Called ‘Great Odin’s Raven’

By | 19 Comments

Just in time for 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues,' Ron Burgundy is getting his own Scotch whisky called 'Great Odin's Raven.'

darth vader

The ‘Star Wars’ Instagram Account Debuted Today With The Best Possible Photo

By | 3 Comments

The official Star Wars Instagram account debuted today with Darth Vader posing for a selfie.


Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Apparently Playing The Wonder Twins

By | 13 Comments

Midtown Comics received a promotional poster for a Wonder Twins film starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, but could it just be distraction marketing?


Thinking About Going To Toronto? Spirit Airlines Has A Rob Ford-Inspired Deal For You!

By | 2 Comments

Thanks to the fine folks at Spirit Airlines, we can all travel to Toronto cheaply to hang with our new crackhead overlord, Rob Ford.


Dodge Durango Sales Are Through The Roof Thanks To Ron Burgundy

By | 10 Comments

Sales of the Dodge Durango are way, way up since the new line of Ron Burgundy commercials started airing in early October.


BioShock Infinite’s Cover Art And The Problem Of Selling Games

By | 8 Comments

BioShock Infinite has a bland cover. And that's because the kind of people who care about covers don't buy enough video games to count.


How The Music Industry Fails At Marketing

By | 13 Comments

I recently tried to find the Top 40 in one place and buy it. It took a lot longer than it really should have.


The 'Dark Knight Rises' Billboard…Rises?


We're officially in The Dark Knight Rises countdown mode on the internet, boys and girls (<a href="" target="_blank">pre-purchase your tickets on Craigslist for mere hundreds of dollars</a>.


Smart Car Pwns Ad Exec On Twitter With Brilliant Bird Crap Infographic

By | 5 Comments

Swap out "a bird" for "Mel Gibson" = Exponentially funnier Recently ad agency exec Clayton Hove, <a href="" target="_blank">a self-titled "Concept Cowboy,"</a> tweeted <a href="" target="_blank">quite the unfunny observation</a>: "Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car.


8 Things I Learned From The Behind-The-Scenes Look At A McDonald's Burger Photoshoot


If you graduated from dial-up any time in the last decade then you've run across one of the assorted <a href=",or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&pdl=300&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=gxLiT5bzGYei2wWHgeXvCw" target="_blank">"Fast Food: Ads Vs. Reality" comparison graphics</a> that seemingly go viral once a quarter.

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