Pint-Sized Jaguars Great Maurice Jones-Drew Is Retiring From The NFL

Maurice Jones-Drew fell hard after his prime and after a couple of years of trying to recapture the magic, he's retiring at 29.

Pocket Hercules

Pocket Hercules hangs up his tiny cleats for good


Jaguars and Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew called it a career.

#LeBron James

In Oregon & Cleveland, Football Players Take Shot At LeBron

Say what you will about LeBron James, but I was always a fan of the chalk toss.

waka flocka flame

1.26 The Cooler


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Maurice Jones-Drew Received Death Threats


Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones Drew was one of a smattering of NFL stars that took to Twitter on Sunday to question the intestinal fortitude of Jay Cutler.


Your NFL Recap: Week 14


The weather is frigid, yet the race for the playoffs is as hot as it has ever been. With only three weeks left in the season after this week, the sense of urgency - for the teams that need it - are at code red levels. Those already planning offseason vacations find solace in knowing they leave coal in someone's stocking. Week 14 had its fair share of notable games, upsets and a collapsed stadium roof for good measure. Now, normally this weekly recap series is handled by Patrick M. Unfortunately, Pat is still attempting to thaw out from attending the Bears/Patriots game at Soldier Field yesterday. Heading into the match up, it was slated to be the premiere game of the week with both teams looking quite impressive. By the end of the game, however, New England put more points on the board (36) than inches of snow in the city of Chicago as they beat the Bears handedly. The loss stings, but the Lions beating Green Bay does help numb the pain the temperatures didn't. At this point, Tom Brady and his band of merry men appear to be the cream of the crop. Coming through New England in the playoffs - pending they secure home field - may be next to impossible. To make a great situation that much better, the Jets appear to be hitting speed bumps at the absolute worst point of the season. Rex's boys have only managed to score nine points in the past two games against division rivals. And now their assistant coach is under fire for attempting to be the 12th man on the field. Literally. Elsewhere in the NFL, the NFC South sans Carolina appear to be in for one hell a finish. Atlanta continues to march on towards the NFC's best record while Drew Brees has basically put an end to the Madden-curse trend with the Saints quietly looking very intimidating. Tampa Bay skated out of Washington thanks to another comeback victory from the veteran looking second year man Josh Freeman. The weekend's best finish rested in the hands of the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars.


Your NFL Recap: Week 11


It seems like the NFL's power rankings become fleeting as each week winds down.


10 Steps To Dominating Your Fantasy Football League This Season


As I just wrapped up my 32nd fantasy football draft of the NFL preseason, I’ve assured myself of these facts: I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars.




Of all the NFL games yesterday, this is by far and away my favorite highlight: Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman getting blown up by the Jags' Maurice Jones-Drew on this David Garrard touchdown pass.

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