The Dugout: Brian Wilson Thinks Sounding Mexican is a Catchphrase

By | 25 Comments

Hey everybody, there's a party in Brian Wilson's beard and you're invited.


The Dugout: Jim Riggleman is Tired of All This Winning Sh**

By | 20 Comments

In baseball news that doesn't make a lot of sense, Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided he hates baseball and would rather have no money than less of it.


The Dugout: We Stinks

By | 23 Comments

Carlos Zambrano has told the Cubs what they already know: they stink.


The Cubs Hire Not Ryne Sandberg

By | 3 Comments

Ever since Lou Piniella first announced that he was retiring from baseball, the rumor mill has been going crazy over who would be his replacement as the next manager of the Chicago Cubs.

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