The Dugout: Jim Riggleman is Tired of All This Winning Sh**

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06.24.11 20 Comments

In baseball news that doesn’t make a lot of sense, Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided he hates baseball and would rather have no money than less of it. The synopsis, from NBC’s Hardball Talk.

Just minutes after the Nationals beat the Mariners with a walk-off sacrifice fly in a 1-0 game to move above .500 manager Jim Riggleman announced his resignation. According to general manager Mike Rizzo this morning Riggleman expressed displeasure about his contract, which includes a 2012 option that the Nationals haven’t picked up, and said he would step down from the job if it wasn’t handled by the end of this afternoon’s game.

It wasn’t and he did. What an odd situation, particularly with the Nationals playing their best baseball in … well, ever. Riggleman was clearly extremely frustrated by the entire situation, but to quit 75 games into the season, with the team winning 11 of their last 12 games, is shocking.

I eliminated some of the paragraph breaks, but you get the idea. Be sure to read about the first manager to resign in a Dugout this week, then read today’s, which follows the jump.

The Dugout

RiggleMeThisBatman: the hell are you talking about, that was easily the best movie I’ve seen all year.
RiggleMeThisBatman: Everything about Super 8 harks back to simpler times, the music and technology of the era evoking something nostalgic and comforting without being flippant or facetious.
HarperImage: it was gay

RiggleMeThisBatman: It was gay? How was it gay?

HarperImage: pish, that sh** was gay what do you want me to say
RiggleMeThisBatman: I wanted you to explain to me what made Super 8 gay
HarperImage: why do you even care
RiggleMeThisBatman: Because we’re having a conversation, and I am legitimately interested in knowing what was gay about it.
HarperImage: ok it was stupid
RiggleMeThisBatman: and that makes it gay
HarperImage: i didn’t like the pacing, it has pacing issues, it was badly paced
RiggleMeThisBatman: oh my god what does that even mean
RiggleMeThisBatman: Give me an example of what you’re talking about when you say "pacing issues".
HarperImage: /pretends to text
RiggleMeThisBatman: What about Green Lantern? That had a completely different pace, did that make Green Lantern great?
HarperImage: green lantern sucked, it had terrible graphics and blake lively cant act
RiggleMeThisBatman: Blake Lively can’t act, but Ryan Reynolds with green CGI abs is fine, you were okay with that but not with Blake Lively’s emotive choices in the Green Lantern movie
HarperImage: why do you care
RiggleMeThisBatman: How about this, tell me the best movie you’ve seen this year.
HarperImage: why
RiggleMeThisBatman: very best movie, all year long
HarperImage: Lol have you seen old school
RiggleMeThisBatman: Not a movie from this year.
HarperImage: yeah its old but funny as f**k tho, it came out before i was born
  **Online Host**
Welcome to the Washington Nationals Chatroom.
RiggleMeThisBatman: and that’s why I’m quitting, and why I’m moving to the planet f**king Mars and never looking at baseball again
SlowLerner: whatter you mean your quitting
RiggleMeThisBatman: did you not just hear that entire thing I said
SlowLerner: yer winnin ball matches, don’t quit
RiggleMeThisBatman: if I cared about winning I would’ve never taken a job managing the Washington Nationals.
RiggleMeThisBatman: you aren’t paying me enough to put up with this
SlowLerner: are we paying you
RiggleMeThisBatman: look at somebody like Mike Quade, Mike Quade is doing a great job, Mike Quade is the man I want to be

RiggleMeThisBatman: 14 games under .500 and farting on the bench until it smells like Bonnaroo

That’s the job I signed up for

SlowLerner: you rully think this mike wade fella’s doin a good jorb
RiggleMeThisBatman: I know it
  **Online Host**
Meanwhile, in the Chicago Cubs Chatroom
AlfonsoManyChannels: F**K YOU
KaZambrano: F**K YOU
AlfonsoManyChannels: F**K YOU
KaZambrano: NO F**K YOU
AlfonsoManyChannels: F**K TO YOU
MikeQuade180Pounds: hey guys hey
MikeQuade180Pounds: sticks and stones, you know, they might break my bones but words, you know… words

LumberjacksKerryWood: /hears words

/goes on 60-day DL

  **Online Host**
Back in the Nationals Chatroom
RiggleMeThisBatman: Mike Quade is a great manager and a fine man and I would kiss him on the mouth if, well
RiggleMeThisBatman: if he didn’t look like that
SlowLerner: please don’t stop your coachin, i likes it

RiggleMeThisBatman: sorry, I quit, and I’m already late for my new job: bitching on AM radio


  **Online Host**
RiggleMeThisBatman has left the chatroom.

SlowLerner: WULL… wull fine! we don’t need ya! Anybody can manage the Nats.

i know! i’ll get my poopah to manage!

SlowLerner: poopah can you interim manage my ball team
SlowLerner: aw i forgot im old
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