#Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza And Newcastle Team Up To Take Down ‘Big Game Beer Commercials’

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Newcastle Brown Ale is recruiting other small companies to chip in on one awesome Super Bowl commercial this year.


Newcastle And Elizabeth Hurley Would Like To Apologize On Behalf Of Stephen Merchant

By | 36 Comments

For anyone offended by Stephen Merchant suggesting things would have better if the Brits won the war, Elizabeth Hurley is here to make good.


Stephen Merchant Ponders What Would Have Happened If Britain Won The War

By | 12 Comments

When you think about it, having the Queen of England as our overlord actually doesn't sound terrible.


Anna Kendrick Is Wearing Nothing But Body Paint In The Latest Newcastle Not-Super Bowl Ad. Kind Of.

By | 4 Comments

Evil robots, aliens, party sharks, skateboarding cats or pigs, and Anna Kendrick in body paint. You have the Internet's attention, Newcastle.


Newcastle Brown Ale’s ‘Really Good Sports Moments’ Is Charming, Weird, Made Of Legos

By | 2 Comments

I don't have a lot of reasons for this to exist, other than March Madness happening and everybody in the world doing a March Madness thing.

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