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The Next Xbox: What We’re Most Likely Seeing Tomorrow

By | 20 Comments

The Next Xbox is officially announced tomorrow. But what are we likely to see?

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The Next Xbox Will Be Backwards Compatible… For An Extra $150

By | 25 Comments

The next Xbox won't require an always-on Internet connection! The bad news: You'll have to shell out for another system to play your 360 games on it!

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Why The Next Xbox Will Be A Very Different Kind Of Gaming Console

By | 22 Comments

The next Xbox is rumored to be announced May 21st. But what's under the hood? Here's what we know, what's rumored... and what we suspect it all means.


Console Against Console: Five Reasons The PS4 And Next Xbox Should Go Head-To-Head

By | 15 Comments

The PlayStation 4 is likely arriving this year. The next Xbox should too, because we need an old-fashioned console war. Here's why.

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The Kinect Will Be Mandatory For The Next Xbox

By | 24 Comments

Think you'll be able to get away with a normal controller on the next Xbox? Think again.

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Here's The Potential Upsides And Downsides Of All The Upcoming Consoles

By | 29 Comments

Here are the four major consoles coming this year, where they shine, and where they might stumble.

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Microsoft Is Essentially Making A Casual Xbox

By | 15 Comments

You know, because the 360 is just so stiff and formal.

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