A 92-Year-Old Man Crashed Into 9 Cars While Trying To Exit A Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot

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This video is the only argument needed against letting old people behind the wheel.

vince mcmahon

Gasp In Horror At Vince McMahon’s New ‘Muscle & Fitness’ Cover

By | 34 Comments

Vince McMahon is 69-years old and looking JACKED TO THE MOON on the cover of 'Muscle & Fitness.'

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A 74-Year Old New Jersey Man Has Been Writing Love Letters To His Wife Every Day For 40 Years

By | 3 Comments

Valentine's Day just got a lot harder for guys everywhere because of this adorable 74-year old New Jersey man.

#Viral Videos

Here’s What These Seniors Would Say If They Could Tell Younger Generations Just One Thing

By | 3 Comments

When older folks get a chance to share one piece of wisdom with the younger generation, they try to make it count.

Turn Down For What

Chase Away The Blues With This Mashup Of Old People Dancing To ‘Turn Down For What’

By | 2 Comments

Move over, little kids dancing to 'Shake It Off.' Today's hot supercut features old people dancing to 'Turn Down for What.'


Watch Porn Star Nikki Benz Convince Old People Why She Should Be Toronto’s Mayor

By | 11 Comments

In her quest to replace Rob Ford as the mayor of Toronto, adult film actress Nikki Benz is creatively going after the elderly voters.


Democratic Congressman Suggests Sexting As A Way To Organize Voters

By | 2 Comments

It's doubtful the 74-year-old politician even knows what texting is.


Lesson Learned: Never Play Checkers With Old People

By | 3 Comments

With age comes wisdom and the ability to completely embarrass someone in a game of checkers.

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Did This 86-Year Old Woman Write The Next ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

By | 5 Comments

A great-great grandmother in Utah self-published her own romance novel that she admits is full of 'steaminess.'

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Another Retirement Community Made An Awesome Calendar Of Famous Movies

By | 23 Comments

The residents of the Senior Living Communities teamed up to recreate some scenes and images from their favorite movies and TV shows.


You’re Going To Want To Invite This Dancing Grandpa To Your Wedding

By | 3 Comments

Watch in awe as this old man drops his crutches and breaks it down for a very appreciative wedding crowd.


105-Year Old Agnes McKee’s First Pitch For The Padres Was Even Better Than Expected

By | 3 Comments

The Padres made history yesterday by allowing 105-year old Agnes McKee to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.


The San Diego Padres Are Having A 105-Year Old Woman Throw Out A First Pitch

By | 4 Comments

On Sunday, Agnes McKee will become the oldest person to ever throw out a first pitch for the Padres at the ripe, young age of 105.

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