Rudy Giuliani, Recently The Attorney For The President Of The United States, Did Not Realize That He Put On Two Watches When He Got Dressed This Morning

Rudy Giuliani is finding himself in court so often these days that he’s having problems remembering how to dress for trial, apparently

The former attorney for Donald Trump has been dragged through legal proceedings all year thanks to his efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. He’s currently facing billion-dollar defamation suits from voting tech companies, a Department of Justice investigation, and a grand jury case in Georgia. He’s also had his license to practice suspended in New York. On the heels of all that, he’s currently in the hot seat thanks to a lawsuit he filed in Pennsylvania, shortly after the election results were certified, that requested hundreds of thousands of ballots be discarded despite zero evidence of voter fraud. And the near constant reminder that there are, in fact, consequences for his actions has got rowdy Rudy a bit rattled.

On Monday morning, Giuliani sat for the first day in what may be a week-long disciplinary hearing to determine his ability to practice law in the D.C. area. The trial is specifically referencing Giuliani’s unethical behavior in filing the Pennsylvania lawsuit. And, while the former New York City mayor made a fool of himself on the stand by spouting ridiculous claims that he was being persecuted by the federal government, his biggest gaffe happened when his mic was turned off. Or, so he thought.

Before both sides took a midday recess, Giuliani, believing his mic was muted, turned to his defense council to laugh at himself for wearing accidentally putting on two watches when he was getting ready for the trial that morning. He even flashed a glimpse of his watched-up wrist before realizing his mic was still on and looking visibly embarrassed.

Now, we’ve all had a wardrobe mishap before, but that normally comes in the form of mismatching socks, not stacking our arms to high-heaven with fake Rolexes. Did he not notice the extra weight, or is he so deep down his own conspiracy theory rabbit hole that he thinks the first watch might be telling time based on a “deep state” Democratic agenda so he has to check against a different one?

(Via Law and Crime)