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Guy Builds A Functional Iron Man Gauntlet With Lasers. Take That, Back Of The Hand.

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Patrick Priebe of Laser-Gadgets built his own Iron Man gauntlet, complete with two lasers to help him aim his EVEN STRONGER LASERS.


Nicholas Robatto’s Steampunk Rayguns

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<a href="">Nicholas Robatto</a> builds several props, including these rayguns for sale in his <a href="">Etsy store</a>.


Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Punches Through Razorblades WITH SCIENCE


Patrick Priebe built a pulse laser gun which can send a 1 kW pulse of coherent infrared light through a razorblade, sheets of plastic, and half a centimeter of styrofoam at a range of up to three meters for dark surfaces.


Pew Pew Pew


The unfortunately-named "PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew" debuted at Global Game Jam 2011 at the Art Institute of Portland.

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