Crayola’s Facebook Page Got Hacked By Someone With A 6th Grade Sense Of Humor

By | 6 Comments

Crayola is on the PR defense after someone hacked their Facebook page and started posting crude material.


Facebook’s ‘Year In Review’ Feature Is Dredging Up 2014’s Bad Memories For Some People

By | 17 Comments

While many have surely been delighted by it, some people aren't enjoying Facebook's "Year in Review" experience.

Social Media Fails

A Hotel In England Charged A Couple £100 After They Left This Scathing Review On Trip Advisor

By | 6 Comments

After an allegedly terrible night at a hotel and a subsequent bad review, a couple was fined 100 pounds. Here's why.


A High School Soccer Coach Accidentally Sent A Raunchy Snapchat Video To His Players

By | 18 Comments

PRO TIP: If you're going to send a masturbation video out, make sure it's not to underage girls on the soccer team you coach.


Why Did A US Airways Flight Attendant Refuse To Hang This Military Veteran’s Jacket?

By | 64 Comments

A military veteran just wanted to keep his jacket from creasing and US Airways wouldn't let him. Here's the disgusting details.


The NYPD Learned That Twitter Hashtag Campaigns Aren’t For Everyone

By | 11 Comments

People on Twitter turned the NYPD's attempt at a hashtag campaign into an opportunity to post photos of police brutality.

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