Warren Ellis Is Bringing Back Moon Knight In ‘A New Kind Of Crime Fiction’

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Warren Ellis is bringing back 'Moon Knight' in a new Marvel series coming next March.


Photoshop Challenge: Come At Bane, Bro

By | 37 Comments

Not sure what the delay has been with the Bane "Come at me, bro" photoshops.


Kirk Cameron Threw Himself The Most Depressing Birthday Party Ever

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Former teen heartthrob and probable crazy person Kirk Cameron's 41st birthday was on Wednesday and this photo of his attempt at the most depressing birthday party ever is making its way around the internet today.


Haters Gonna Hate: Pop Culture Edition


Memes come and go and only a chosen few have any semblance of staying power.


2010: The Year of the Meme

By | 19 Comments

Let's be honest, 2010 was one hell of a year for everybody.


Meme Watch: Strutting Leo

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[via] A picture of Leonardo DiCaprio smiling mid-stride on the set of Inception has since been repurposed for the Strutting Leo meme (AKA Leo Strut and Leonardo DiHapprio).

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