Maino – I Am Who I Am Mixtape

Dubbed as "the album before the album," Maino partners with DJ Green Lantern and DJ Infamous to release his I Am Who I Am mixtape.

The Day After Tomorrow

Maino Feat. Robbie Nova – “That Could Be Us”

It was only a matter of time before Maino's record label, Millennium Records, poisoned his mind into doing something like this.

The Day After Tomorrow

Maino x Funkmaster Flex – Respect The Jux Mixtape

If Maino comes around the corner you're serving birdies on and tells you to get down and give it up, you have no choice but to Respect The Jux.

The Day After Tomorrow

Maino Feat. Roscoe Dash – “Let It Fly” Video

Roscoe Dash is Hip-Hop's reigning hookman for hire and Maino has had success with such characters in the past.

The Day After Tomorrow

Maino – “I’m Sorry”


Regardless of what you think about Maino he's gonna continue to flood the streets with music.

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