Amateur Fighter Mike Pantangco Will Beat You Up Until He Feels Remorse


Amateur fighter Mike Pantangco lost a fight because he was winning too much. What happens when you suddenly feel bad for your opponent?


And Now The One Second Tapout, The Fastest Loss In MMA History


Want to see somebody who is great at MMA? Here's a guy tapping out to nothing one second into a fight.


A Guy Won A Cambodian MMA Fight With The Walls Of Jericho


Last week we wrote about a soccer player named Wang Shouting so I can't say it's the best name we've heard, but "Von Savy" is about as cool a name as a fighter can get.


Your Monster Flying Armbar Of The Day


This monster, monster flying armbar went down in a February fight between Sofian Benchohra and Oliver Fontaine, but sometimes the difference between fights happening and fights having video is weird, and clips from weeks ago can show up fresh and destroy the sports part of the Internet.

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