Your Monster Flying Armbar Of The Day

This monster, monster flying armbar went down in a February fight between Sofian Benchohra and Oliver Fontaine, but sometimes the difference between fights happening and fights having video is weird, and clips from weeks ago can show up fresh and destroy the sports part of the Internet. This has been going around a lot today, and Jesus, I should probably share it with you. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS (arms)!

The expert analysis, from Cage Potato:

After Sofian Benchohra manages to snatch up one of Fontaine’s legs on an attempted body kick, you assume Fontaine is seconds away from an always demoralizing leg sweep. WRONG. Fontaine counters with a beautiful spinning, flying armbar — almost a somersault armbar, if you will — that Gina Carano couldn’t pull off with all of the stunt coordinators in the world in her corner. After a brief struggle, Fontaine secures the tap shortly thereafter. Good night, my anus.

(If you missed the anus joke, he’s not talking about his butthole.)