The Luckiest Kittens In The World Survived Being Accidentally Shipped To San Diego

04.23.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
shipped kittens


If you own a cat, you know they can get pretty much anywhere. You also know that for all their alleged lofty intelligence, they don’t really understand a few basic concepts. Fortunately for two kittens, the humans were looking out for them.

A Cox Communications employee in San Diego heard meowing from a sealed box and got it open to reveal… WiFi and Mouse, a duo of two-week old kittens that had accidentally been boxed up and shipped from Los Angeles.

Fortunately, one of the employees had a nephew who works for the local Humane Society, and San Diego happens to be one of the few cities with a kitten shelter properly equipped to treat these little guys. It’s believed their mother gave birth, put them in a “safe” place, and then either abandoned them or was unable to return; they still had their umbilical cords attached.

Mouse and WiFi are currently being cared for at the shelter and will be fostered. As for how the box got sealed up and shipped without anybody noticing two mewling, crying kittens in it, well, let’s just hope they don’t promote that guy to cable repairman.

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