EA Announces That It’s Working On Three New ‘Star Wars’ Games

Star Wars is one of the coolest franchises ever made. While opinions on the movies have always been mixed, there is no question that the universe they are set in has endless potential for telling incredible stories. As a result, we’ve seen some really spectacular spin-offs through books, television, and video games.

For a long time, Star Wars video games were a genre in itself. The endless potential of that world and its popularity made it a great option for video games, Unfortunately, the purchase and shutdown of Lucasarts, as well as an exclusivity deal with EA, led to the previous decade severely lacking in new Star Wars games. We’re finally starting to see that problem remedied though, with exclusivity for the franchise ending, and even EA promising to increase its output in Star Wars games.

On Tuesday, EA announced that it had three new Star Wars games in production, all from Respawn Entertainment. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier shared some information that confirmed one of the three games is likely a sequel to 2019’s Jedi Fallen Order. The other two games are apparently a strategy game and a shooter of some kind.

More Star Wars games is excellent news because that franchise’s universe has so much potential for interesting storytelling and we want to see more games from it. That’s especially opened up now that EA doesn’t own the exclusive rights to it, although the development studio behind these games has a really great track record with games like Apex Legends, Titanfall, and Jedi Fallen Order under its belt.

We can’t wait to see what these games end up looking like when we get to see more of them. For now, we’ll just have to eagerly wait for more information.