The ‘Halo’ TV Series Trailer Was Unveiled During The AFC Championship Game

On Sunday, during the AFC Championship Game, the first trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series was finally unveiled to the world. This is a moment that honestly feels like a decade in the making. Ever since the rumored Halo movie, people have been waiting to see John-117, better known as Master Chief, in a live action performance. It’s finally happening and it will release to the world on Paramount+ in March.

Once the initial shock of finally seeing a live action Master Chief wears off, we can see some of the themes that the TV series is going to explore through the trailer. Obviously, the invasion of the Covenant and Master Chief standing against them is going to play a big part, but the trailer shows us that it’s going to explore some of the themes that the Halo games touched on, but never got an opportunity to go too deep into.

Some of the teases that look more interesting include how the spartans feel about being turned into weapons, the lack of trust some of their superiors have for these spartans, and what personality they’re going to give Master Chief. In the games, he was always best known as the guy who stays silent and mainly delivers one liners. We never got the opportunity to see how Master Chief felt about most situations until 343 Industries got ahold of the series and tried to explore him more. Even then, Master Chief’s feelings on being a spartan and the war against the Covenant have never been fully explored. This TV series is a great opportunity to do that.

We have no idea how the show is going to pan out, but as a long time fan of Halo, it’s just exciting to finally see this happening.