Everyone Has Jokes About Kirby Sucking Up A Car During A Nintendo Direct

Kirby is a pink ball that sucks up his enemies and steals their powers. This has been the premise of one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters for decades and in March he will be making his 3D adventure debut for the Nintendo Switch. For those of us who couldn’t wait to find out more about Kirby’s new game, Nintendo showed a tease of the upcoming game during Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct.

While the trailer did show us plenty of new features, and some more details about this new world we’ll be exploring, it also gave us a look at one of his new powers. Mouthful Mode. This is when Kirby sucks up something that is larger than expected.

Of course, with this new mode, there were immediately a few jokes about what Kirby can become with his new power.

Where most of the focus went though was on how Kirby briefly turned into a car and how bizarre it looked. He didn’t really become a car but instead just kind of bent his body around it like some kind of cover. It was a little uncomfortable, but also extremely funny.


So what did the internet immediately do with this new form of Kirby? Meme it of course. What else would it do?


It also came up with the only good nickname needed for this new Kirby form. Carby. Simple and effective. Just like Kirby!

If Nintendo wants to immediately become the most self aware company ever then they will sponsor a stock car in a NASCAR race this year to get a Carby paint job. Think about it Nintendo!