Did Tony Soprano… Stop Believin’? David J. Roth Joins Pod Yourself A Gun For The Sopranos Finale

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We Podded Ourselves The Whole Gun

This is it. The last episode of the only Sopranos podcast ever made. Load it into a yellow Xterra, push the Nissan out to sea, and set it ablaze for a proper New Jersey Italian Viking funeral. Joining Matt and Vince to discuss “Made In America” and close out the series, the Dennis Eckersly of podcasting, from Defector, David J. Roth.

Where were you when The Sopranos cut to black? Screaming at the TV? Calling your cable company? Remembering 9/11? 11.9 million people watched (there better be just as many people listening to this episode) as Meadow parked, Tony looked up, and Journey implored everyone watching to continue believing. Believe in what, exactly? What was David Chase trying to tell us with that song? Considering he chose “Don’t Stop Believing” just because everyone in the production crew hated it, I think he was trying to say *mouthfarrrrrrt*. A shithead legend.

That’s what a grown-up AJ would do. You don’t like the song at the end of the TV show? You know we’re killing civilians in the Middle East everyday right? And this is how you spend your time? Upset at the song at the end of your favorite TV show? What rough beast yeets towards Bethlehem to be born? As indicated by this final, AJ-centric episode, the world belongs to the AJs now. Be safe and don’t use too many slurp juices on one ape.

It’s been an honor to be a part of such a fun thing that so many people enjoyed. We had a great time making it, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all our guests, cured meats, the decline of the American Empire, classic rock, autotune, HBO, David Beckham, fish and chips, *Borat voice* our wives, Raytheon, New Jersey, George Soros, The Sopranos sound design team, Prozac, track suits, Stevie B, Little Steven, Steve Buscemi, The American Italian Anti-Defamation League, and of course, Stephan Jenkins.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg