Robert Iler, AKA AJ Soprano, Discusses Life After The Sopranos, Sobriety, And Nü Metal

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On a special new episode of Pod Yourself A Gun, Robert Iler stops by to talk about growing up on The Sopranos set with Tony Sirico making sure nobody is getting molested.

A big get for the PYAG boys, Robert Iler, the talented actor best known to this pod for playing mafia fail-son Anthony Soprano Jr and now known as the co-host of the Pajama Pants pod, joins Matt and Vince to talk about growing up on The Sopranos set, his influence on AJ’s Nu Metal wardrobe, partying so hard that the entire city of New York can’t keep up, and the life of a professional poker player.

If you are a regular listener, you’ll know that AJ Soprano is the podcast’s id. He just wants to chill, skate, eat ziti, and not destroy the environment. Listen as Matt and Vince get behind the scenes dirt from the actor who brought the unforgettable character to life.

The most surprising reveal from the extensive interview is that Robert has seen the first two episodes of every season (they were played at each season’s premiere party) and has no interest in seeing the rest of the series. I guess when you lived it, you don’t get the same satisfaction from seeing a young Paul Dano say “That p*ssy’s yours… We shall know forsooth.”

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.