Vito Goes Antiquing: Discussing Sopranos 606 On Pod Yourself A Gun, With Amy Silverberg

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Kiss On Both Cheeks

Grab some ribs, hop in your car, and throw on the latest Pod Yourself A Gun. Matt and Vince are joined by comedian, writer, professor, and weiner dog enthusiast Amy Silverberg to discuss The Sopranos season 6a episode 6 “Live Free or Die.”

This is the episode where everyone finds out Vito’s secret. The boys at the Bada Bing are mortified to hear from Finn that Vito has been on the receiving end of at least one penile encounter. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of acceptance among the wiseguys, which has Amy wondering if the younger mafia guys in 2021 are more open. According to her students, if you’re not bi, you’re a loser. Maybe today’s gangsters have progressed, but as far as Tony’s concerned, absolutely no gay stuff, unless you’re in prison for a while. That’s different.

We also meet Johnny Cakes for the first time. Go ahead and let out a big sigh while you stare at his potent mustache and think about that life you could have lived in a little town in Vermont if you weren’t such a good earner.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.