‘The Wire’ Rewatch Podcast: Pod Yourself The Wire Episode 207, With Nando Vila

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“If you have any sort of sentimentality in this rotten system, you’re going to lose.” -Nando Villa

Writer, host of the new podcast Shoot The Messenger, and returning guest Nando Vila joins Pod Yourself The Wire this week to break down season two episode seven of The Wire, “Backwash.”

Nando raises an interesting point about Herc and Carver. They are yet another in a long line of comedy duos featuring a dumbass and his even dumber sidekick (Harry and Lloyd, Abbot and Costello, Matt and Vince, etc.), but also they are like a pair of Benny Hills. “Yakety Sax” would not sound out of place over scenes of these goobers running around trying to put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube. In this episode, they go to the spy store, which is definitely a place where the dumbest men max out their credit cards, to buy a listening device to fit into a tennis ball. Hilarity ensues, but it’s The Wire, so the subtext of that hilarity is that the institutions Americans rely on are rotting all the way to their thick-skulled core.

A trip in The Back In The Day Machine reminds us of the time George W. saw some elephants fornicate, and that catcalling is an Ancient Roman tradition. The next time you see a man harassing a woman on the street, ask yourself, is he a pervert or a historian?

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-Description by Brent Flyberg