‘The Wire’ Rewatch Podcast: Pod Yourself The Wire 208, ‘Duck And Cover’ With Rachel Fisher

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“McNulty’s got the kind of alcoholism you think you can work with.” —Rachel Fisher

Ziggy’s got a duck and we have writer, co-host of the Hollywood Crime Scene Podcast and recent The Wire binger Rachel Fisher returning to Pod Yourself The Wire to talk to Matt and Vince about season two, episode eight of The Wire, “Duck and Cover.”

The episode starts with an extended McNulty rock-bottom-hitting scene. Dominic West is proving he is our generation’s finest drunk actor. He’s puffy, red, sweaty, and ready to bone. Then, the show gets as lolrandom as David Simon is capable of. Ziggy brings the titular duck to the Polish Dudes Rock bar so he can make it drink booze and finally get some of the respect he wants so badly. And it works! Acting like a silly goose is what these people want from him. If Ziggy had taken some improv classes instead of doing crime, he’d still be alive today (but think of how female improvisers he would have sexually harassed – -maybe for the best).

Rachel started watching The Wire when she heard we were doing the pod, further proof that we are industry tastemakers, and she and Matt agree that the AA meetings in The Wire are the only realistic depictions of AA meetings on TV. According to these two, there is no cross talking in AA meetings. You’re telling me they’re better organized and more respectful than this podcast? Seems unlikely.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg