‘The Wire’ Rewatch Podcast: Pod Yourself The Wire 209, ‘Stray Rounds’ With Dave Manheim

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“I couldn’t imagine a more perfect show to watch… high on heroin.” -Dave Manheim

The block is hot and the pod is hotter as Dave Manheim from the Dopey Podcast joins Pod Yourself The Wire to help Matt and Vince break down The Wire, season two episode nine, “Stray Rounds.”

This episode has a fun little cold open in which we are introduced to a child who is shortly thereafter killed by a stray bullet from a territory dispute between a Barksdale crew and a Prop Joe crew. It makes sense that Dave and Matt bond over watching the show while on heroin, because opiates might be the only way to maintain a positive attitude while watching this show.

We lose one favorite character, Ziggy’s duck (couldn’t handle his liquor), but gain another notable character in Brother Mouzone, leading to debate about whether he is a cool, interesting, Omar-of-New-York type of character, or a corny ass Fargo on FX quirky villain guy. Either way, his valet Lamar needs to find him a Harper’s Bazaar, ASAP.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg