‘Better Call Saul’ Finale Writer: ‘Oh Gosh, What Have We Done?’

Better Call Saul‘s third season came to a harrowing end last night. I reviewed the finale here, and I just spoke with the episode’s writer, Saul and Breaking Bad veteran Gennifer Hutchison, about everything that happened between the McGill brothers, between Jimmy and Kim and Nacho and Hector, why Mike was absent from the finale, how close she believes Jimmy is to becoming Saul Goodman, and whether there’s any real cause for concern over the lack of a renewal. That’s all coming up just as soon as we watch To Kill a Mockingbird again…

When you all came together to launch this show, was there a lot of talk about what would happen to Chuck, whether he would still be around during the Heisenberg years?

That was always an open dialogue. It’s something that grew really organically over the course of the seasons. It came up a lot: Where is Chuck? And we’ve had different ideas along the way. That’s something that was constantly evolving.

What were some of those ideas that weren’t this one?

I don’t know if I can get into those, because who knows? We may use them in other ways. We always use everything.

So when and how did this one come up?

This came up very early in the season, just because of the course of Jimmy and Chuck’s relationship trajectory, and how much more there was within that to mine, and how much we wanted to escalate it. So it was a constant conversation from very early on in the season, and deciding if this was a route we wanted to go down or not. It became clearer and clearer as the season went on.

What impact is this going to have on Jimmy?

With that conversation that Chuck and Jimmy had, and then what happens at the end, we very much talked about what are the next steps towards Jimmy becoming Saul? And a lot of what makes Jimmy Jimmy is his relationship with Chuck. So if you start to close that off, what does that do to someone? I think this is definitely going to push further down that path.