Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 267: ‘SNL,’ ‘Odd Couple,’ ‘Jack and Triumph’ & more

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02.17.15 8 Comments


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! It isn't often that a whole Firewall & Iceberg Podcast gets completely dated between when Dan and I record it and when we publish it, but it happened today, as we wrapped up this week's show – including a segment on why John Oliver won't go back to “The Daily Show” – about 20 minutes before HBO renewed “Last Week Tonight” for two more seasons. The larger point is the same, but the information's dated.

Also, with “Parks and Recreation” ending next week, we may need to do either a super-long podcast, or two of them. Either way, we welcome your “Parks and Rec” questions.

The rundown:

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special” (00:02:08 – 00:25:45)
“The Odd Couple” (00:25:50 – 00:36:05)
“Jack and Triumph” (00:36:10 – 00:43:55)
“CitizenFour” and the Oscars (00:44:00 – 01:01:50)
Listener Mail: John Oliver/”The Daily Show” (01:01:50 – 01:12:00)

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