‘Louie’ – ‘Country Drive’: Who the (bleep) are you?

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07.22.11 31 Comments

As I’ve said, the busy schedule of Comic-Con and then press tour is going to put a lot of regular reviewing on hold for a while. But I did get a chance to watch last night’s “Louie” this morning, and while there’s no time for a full review, I have a couple of thoughts on it, after which you can discuss, coming up just as soon as I suddenly find myself doing a Bill Cosby impression…

Louie struggling to teach his daughters adult values is one of the more reliable sources of both humor and pathos on the show, so “Country Drive” worked very effectively. You knew the visit to see the great aunt wasn’t going to turn out like Louie intended it to, but you didn’t know exactly how. But an old lady who turns out to be racist and dies in mid-visit seems about par for the course for our man, unfortunately.

And even if the episode had been just Louie rocking out to The Who, followed by 15 minutes of test pattern, I’d have been happy, in part because the “Who Are You” sequence seemed like the first time in the entire series that Louie seemed genuinely happy – not just relieved that things didn’t go as badly as he had hoped, or peaceful in the company of his daughters, but genuinely enjoying something he got to do and experience. And that was nice.

What did everybody else think?

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