Season finale talkback: ‘Kingdom’ – ‘King Beast’

Back in the fall, I was reasonably impressed with “Kingdom,” the new drama airing on DirecTV's Audience Network. It seemed to be transplanting bits of pieces of recent cable dramas (a splash of “Sons of Anarchy,” a healthy serving of “Lights Out,” etc.), but with solid writing and directing, and an excellent cast led by Frank Grillo.

I lost track of “Kingdom” for a while (I had seen the first four episodes before debut) because there was so much else to watch and write about in the fall, but I caught up in time for tonight's season finale, and I remain pleased. It's not doing anything particularly novel, but it's doing things well, it's taking its time with various storylines (like Nate's secret), and it's giving all the actors good things to play. (Jonathan Tucker in particular had himself a nice first season.)

Not much else to say on my part, so I'm curious what those of you who watched all of season one thought. (DirecTV has already ordered 20 more episodes.) Fire away.