‘Euphoria’ Style Watch: Where To Buy Sunday Night’s Best Looks

Welcome to Euphoria Style Watch, your one-stop shop for where to cop the latest episode’s best fits. Sunday’s “Out of Touch” wasn’t quite as stylish as the premiere, since there weren’t any huge house parties for the cast to attend. But a lot of characters went bowling and in the process looked ridiculously stylish for a bunch of teenagers who are… you know, bowling.

Oh, also, Maddy rocked a bikini while lounging on a pool floaty in the middle of January. So if you watch Euphoria regularly and feel like the show doesn’t make any sense — you’re right, it doesn’t. The entire internet spends each Sunday night talking about how their high school experience doesn’t match up with the chaos of your average episode, but I’m just sitting here wondering what state this show takes place in (Euphoria‘s East Highland is a fictional town).

Anyway, let’s talk about this week’s best fits. We might not have had any high glamour party outfits but a few styles still caught our eye, here is episode two’s best dressed.

Rue —Aries Tailored Column Jacquard Trousers

Euphoria Style Watch

So far this season Rue has been rocking a whole lot of vintage pieces that aren’t quite as easy to find as the rest of the cast’s fits. If the Euphoria stylists are trying to tell us this is because Rue is on the grungier side and picks up most of her clothes from thrift stores we have one question: where the hell are these thrift stores?

Seriously, most of Rue’s clothes are old, but they’re all coveted vintage pieces worth hundreds and even thousands! Vintage wear aside, Sunday’s episode also saw Rue wearing these easy-to-find tailored jacquard coursers from Aries. Made of 100% cotton, these tailored pants feature a high waist with button fly fastening, with crimson jacquard patterning.

If you’re looking to complete the look Rue is also rocking Vans socks and Converse Chuck Taylors. Classy.

Pick up a pair of Aries Tailored Column Jacquard Trousers at FarFetch for $476.

Fezco — Dolce & Gabbana Maiolica Tile-Print Polo Shirt

Euphoria Style Watch

Fezco stepped up his game this week by ditching his usual brand, Palace, for some high-end luxury threads. His outfit’s centerpiece was this Dolce & Gabbana Maiolica all-over print polo. The luxurious polo shirt (which is a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it?) features an all-over print of the god Neptune and looks more like something that should be hanging in a fine art museum than the closet of a teenage drug dealing liquor store owner.

Pick up the Dolce and Gabbana Maiolica Tile-Print Polo Shirt at Neiman Marcus, or aftermarket sites like Grailed.

Lexi — Her Whole Damn Outfit

Euphoria Style Watch

I think we can all agree that no character has stolen our hearts this season quite like Maude Apatow’s Lexi. Her scenes with Fezco are so full of warmth it’s hard not to smile when they share the screen together and she’s the only character this season that seems likable and not about to enter a downward spiral of bad decisions (looking at you especially Cassie and Rue).

On Sunday’s episode, Lexi rolled up to Fez’s liquor store in one of her best outfits to date, a modest and simple cardigan, pants, and short heel combo that is equal parts classic and adorable. It’s not as out there as some of the usual Euphoria fits, but it reflects the more reserved character (so far) perfectly.

For the long sleeve ribbed cardigan, hit up Calle Del Mar, the flared Luca Plaid Pants by Rachel Come can be found here, and try Ssense for the Nodaleto Black Bulla Cara Heels.

Maddy — Chanel Dress/ Rome By Falize Bikini

Euphoria Style Watch

In truth, we could’ve run an entire article just on Maddy’s looks from Sunday’s episode, but the two pieces we think people are going to be most hyped for are the vintage Chanel dress she wore during the closet montage scene, and the green Rome by Falize bikini she rocked during the pool scene. I’d like to point out once again that given the current timeline of the show this pool scene takes place in January.

Swimming pools. In January. Does nothing from this Euphoria universe line up with our own?! Are we getting a covid episode?

The dress is a vintage piece from Chanel’s 1997 Spring/Summer season and features a pastel graffiti-style floral print and can be found at designer vintage outlets like Cara Mia Vintage and Etsy. The Rome by Falize light green bikini bottoms, top, and skirt can be found at Rome By Falize.

Kat — Danielle Guizio Mohair Cardigan/ Miu Miu Frames

Euphoria Style Watch

Kat hasn’t gotten a whole lot of screen time so far in season two but she’s definitely delivered the most relatable moment in the show’s history. Who amongst us hasn’t laid in bed depressed while snacking on Goldfish crackers? That’s been everyone’s experience at one point during this pandemic! I can’t personally say the same for that Dothraki sex fantasy she had though.

This week Kat’s best fit featured this ribbed moss-colored mohair cardigan over a vintage Cramps graphic t-shirt. Later in the episode, Kat was seen rocking some pale-gold cat-eyed frames by Miu Miu eyewear.

The cardigan is by Danielle Guizio and can be found here, and the Miu Miu cat-eyed frames can be found here or here.