Alex Jones Is Begging A Connecticut Judge To Toss The Nearly $1 Billion Verdict Against Him

When Alex Jones learned he’d lost another massive Sandy Hook case — while filming an episode of InfoWars — he seemed to go into a fugue state. The conspiracy theorist fist-bumped and cheered as each charge was read and the money he owed kept piling up, eventually adding up to an astronomical sum. He even seemed to mock the families who had sued him, charging, “’Do these people actually think they’re getting any of this money?’”But now he’s starting to take it more seriously.

As per AP News, Jones filed paperwork on Friday requesting that the Connecticut judge who ordered him to pay a jaw-dropping fee toss it altogether. In the filing, Jones’ lawyers argued that the judge’s pre-trial rules resulted in “a substantial miscarriage of justice.” They also argued that the sum was simply too much, writing that “the amount of the compensatory damages award exceeds any rational relationship to the evidence offered at trial.”

The lawyer for the 15 plaintiffs in the lawsuit, meanwhile, is planning to file a brief opposing Jones’ request.

Alas, Jones’ legal worries are far from over. On top of the nearly $50 million he was ordered to pay after a Texas trial in August — and the $965 million from the one in Connecticut — a third trial, also in Texas, is set to unfold later this year. The New England trial wasn’t quite as chaotic as the one in the Lone Star state, but it had its moments.

(Via AP)