Alex Jones Was Forced To Explain In Court Why He Called The Judge A ‘Tyrant’ And Gave Her Laser Eyes On His Show

Alex Jones is back in court for yet another defamation lawsuit from Sandy Hook parents, and as before, he’s proving to be his own worst enemy. On Thursday, Jones was grilled by the plaintiff’s team for calling the judge a “tyrant” and giving her laser eyes in a recent video. Keep in mind, the judge in question was sitting directly next to Jones, who went back and forth between being smugly proud of himself and blaming others for the video.

“Ever since this trial started, you’ve been calling it a kangaroo court yourself, right? And you’ve called this judge a tyrant, correct?” the plaintiff’s attorney asked Jones who responded, “Only when they act like it.” However, the InfoWars host was not willing to take the fall for the laser eyes image that ran on his show. Apparently, mock images is where Jones draws the line?

Via Mediaite:

“One way that you’ve been conveying to your audience that Judge Bellis has been acting like a tyrant is by showing her with lasers coming out of her eyes, right? You know you did that?” asked Mattei.

“I didn’t direct that, the first time I saw it was in court,” said Jones.

Jones’ case was not helped when the image was shown to the entire courtroom baring the InfoWars logo. But at this point, the conspiracy monger is fully committed to turning the entire trial into a circus. Previously, Jones appeared outside the courtroom and screamed at reporters by accusing them of being part of a corporatist media plot to make it look he profited off from his Sandy Hook theories more than he did. Perhaps, later, Jones can give them all laser eyes.

(Via Mediaite)