Alex Jones Lost His Sh*t Even More Than Usual When Asked About Sandy Hook Trial: ‘Yes I Killed The Kids!’

Alex Jones had the kind of on-air meltdown even a two-year-old would be impressed by this week when he visited the Youtube web show, Channel 5.

Jones had an extremely humiliating time of it during his very public trial weeks earlier where he was ordered to pay $49.3 million in damages to the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. During his Youtube show appearance, Jones was quizzed on how he felt about the verdict. A normal person might show remorse for spending years making money off of conspiracy theories that claimed the massacre that left dozens of young children dead was a hoax, but Jones decided to, errrr, take a different approach.

“Yes. I killed the children,” an exasperated Jones replied when asked if he felt responsible for the trolling the Sandy Hook families experienced after the tragedy. “No, I mean, I went in that school. I pulled a gun out. I shot every one of them myself. I mean, I’m guilty.”

When the show’s host, Andrew Callaghan — (previously known as the All Gas, No Brakes guy) — tried to rephrase the question, Jones grew even more irate.

“Do I feel responsible that someone played shit about video games on a bunch of drugs, went and killed a bunch of kids and then the internet questioned it? And I covered that. No, I don’t feel responsible and I don’t apologize anymore. I’m done. I don’t apologize. I killed the kids!” he said.

Callaghan again tried to intervene, saying “You didn’t kill them.” But Jones, clearly in his feels about being found guilty in his defamation suit, just doubled down.

No, I did,” Jones ranted. “Everybody said no — no. I killed them. I killed them. I already admitted it. I did it. I killed them. I’m the bad guy. I’m the devil — get rid of the First Amendment. First Amendment killed them. Second. Get rid of the Second Amendment. Get rid of the First Amendment. They’re bad. They killed the kids too. George Washington killed them. Jesus killed them. The whole — we should rename the whole planet Sandy Hook!”

“It should be holidays. We should bow five times a day to New Haven, Connecticut for the kids that died,” Jones continued. “Every American is to blame — every gun owner’s to blame. I’m to blame. We are all guilty to Bloomberg and Soros. Turn our guns in, turn our guns in. I know I get it. I killed them. I killed them. I killed them. I know — I killed them. So I’m done talking about it. Okay. I killed them.”

Eventually, the InfoWars host stormed off set but his mic was still on, catching an interaction between himself and an employee from his own show.

“I don’t think you should keep doing that,” the employee told Jones. Jones responded by again affirming that he killed the children at Sandy Hook saying, “What? Dude, I murdered those children.”

The employee begged Jones to stop replying, “Still not a funny thing to say. I get the point, but it’s just like, fuck man,” to which Jones then answered, “Fuck it. I don’t give a fuck, dude. I’m far beyond giving a fuck right now” before his mic was turned off.

(Via Mediaite)