Aubrey Plaza Did Not Mince Words When Asked About Jared Leto’s Cat Costume At The Met Gala

Jared Leto, who famously commits to method acting to the point where he allegedly takes excruciatingly long pee breaks on a movie set, did not fully commit at the Met Gala. That is to say, he dressed up as Choupette (cat of Karl Lagerfeld) to honor the late Lagerfeld on his theme night, but that’s not exactly where the trouble lies. Doja Cat did the same thing, and she went all in for the evening, but Leto surprisingly wavered.

That is to say, Leto reached a point where he took the cat head off. At that point, he was a furry with a Leto head on the toothpaste-looking carpet, which looked much sillier than the full-on cat costume next to fancy ballgowns. Well, Variety‘s Marc Malkin noticed Leto’s costume (because obviously) and brought up the subject to the fabulous Aubrey Plaza (who was wearing “Stella McCartney, who else?”), and here’s how that exchange went. (Spoiler alert: A disappointed Aubrey Plaza awaits):

Malkin: “Did you see Jared Leto came as the cat?”

Plaza: “You know what? He took that head off way too soon.”

Malkin: “Why do you think he should have kept it on longer?”

Plaza: “Because he should have kept it on longer… that’s what Karl would have done!”

She’s as discomfort-inducing as always, and she loves it. Here’s the video:

Maybe next time, Leto will stick to the role. For Karl!

(Via Variety)