Bill Maher Booked His First Fox News Appearance (With Tucker Carlson), All Because Of Trump Making Stuff Up

Bill Maher is reportedly in talks to make his first Fox News appearance following a back and forth with Donald Trump. The Real Time host revealed that he’s in negotiations to appear on Tucker Carlson‘s show, and it never would have happened if Trump hadn’t falsely accused Maher of being booked on the network.

While stopping by the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, Maher walked Mandel through an indirect exchange he had with Trump after the former president started regularly whining about the comedian during his rallies. After hearing one of Trump’s “comedy chunks” where he claims Maher has appeared on Fox News, the HBO host set the record straight that he’s never been on the network, but he’s about to be. Via Mediaite:

“He just made that up. I know — it’s so unlike Donald Trump to just make something up,” he said. “So I wanted it out there that no, I’m not f*cking booked on Fox News, but I wanna be, I’ve tried to be. And now because of that and because I tweeted about it now I am booked on Fox News. Now we are negotiating and I’m gonna do Tucker Carlson.”

According to Maher, he was asked to appear on Carlson’s show once before, but the talks fell through after he learned that the discussion would be limited to pre-approved topics.

“I said, absolutely right away,” Maher told Mandel. “And then they came back and said, ‘Yeah, but just let’s just talk about the things we agree about.’ I’m like, no. What sort of stupid way is that to have an interview? No, we’ll talk about everything.”

Apparently, this time around talks are going more smoothly, and if the booking goes through, it will mark Maher’s first appearance on Fox News, all thanks to Trump making stuff up.

(Via Mediaite)