Bill Maher Couldn’t Stop Laughing While Describing The Latest Weird Madison Cawthorn Video

For the last few weeks, Madison Cawthorn has been the target of mockery. A group committed to ousting the young MAGA lawmaker from power has been among those leaking unflattering videos of him, doing things like wearing lingerie and having his crotch touched by another man. The latest finds him naked in a hotel room, seeming to dry hump some guy. Cawthorn has claimed each of these were jokes, just some bro humor. He even compared himself to Gandalf. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a laughing stock.

Indeed, while discussing the latest Cawthorn video, Bill Maher, on his show Friday night, could not stop laughing. He described him as a “Christian conservative” who “keeps getting caught doing things that don’t seem Christian conservative.” He then brought up the new video, which features him, as he put it, “straddling another man’s face, and thrusting his pelvis into it,” Maher said while trying to keep composure. He then started losing it.

Maher eventually got his stuff back together, enough to get to his jokes. “I’ve got to say, comedically this guy really commits to the bit, you know what I’m saying? He commits!” Maher told the crowd. “I’m not saying he is gay at all, I’m just saying in Florida they’re not allowed to discuss him in school now.”

You can watch Maher talk about Cawthorn in the video above.

(Via Raw Story)