A Republican State Senator From Minnesota Apparently Forgot To Turn Off His Camera And Appeared Shirtless In Bed As He Cast A Vote Via Zoom

Since the start of the pandemic, the rise of Zoom has led to many on-camera mishaps, some much more egregious than others. There was Jeffrey Toobin’s notorious incident, which he later described as “deeply moronic,” and on the lighter side of things, there was the lawyer who apparently got attacked by a feline filter found himself insisting that he was not actually a cat. After both of those hot messes, one would think that double-and-triple checking would be the name of the Zoom-bound game, but a GOP state lawmaker felt differently, it seems.

As Aaron Rupar first revealed on Twitter, Minnesota’s Cal Bahr attended an Office of the Legislative Auditor voting session via Zoom. When it was his time to appear on camera, there he was, lounging in bed while shirtless. Somehow, he also appeared before a Schoolhouse Rock “I’m Just a Bill” background, which only added to the oddness on display.

What on earth happened here? The local Minneapolis-St. Paul Fox affiliate noted (whole pointing out how quickly Bahr’s camera turned off to show only his name) that they have “reached out” to the lawmaker, but as of now, he has yet to publicly comment on the situation. As his state lawmaker profile reveals, he’s been serving the Minnesota public for six years, first in the House of Representatives and then the Minnesota Senate as of 2022. And as far as anyone knows, this is his first shirtless voting session (and probably his last one, too).

(Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter & Fox 9 News)