Possibly Doomed CNN Honcho Chris Licht Allegedly Shed 50 Pounds With Not Only Exercise But A Little Help From Ozempic

Over the weekend The Atlantic published a devastating profile of Chris Licht, who last year made the perhaps unwise decision to go from late night comedy to running the currently spiraling CNN. Its 15,000-word length is positively teeming with dirt, but there was one part that seemed like a positive: Back in 2020 he managed to drop 50 pounds through a combination of exercise and dieting. But it turns out that maybe that’s BS, too.

As per The Daily Mail, multiple sources have told the British rag that it wasn’t just extremely clean living that helped Licht shed pounds. It was also Ozempic, Hollywood’s favorite weight-loss drug. Indeed, one “close friend” of his blabbed that he was an early adopter.

“I heard about Ozempic from Chris,” the pal claimed. “When he was at Colbert he explained that he was a huge fan of it and he’d been using it to get his weight under control. This was back in 2021”

The source said they were “shocked” that Licht attributed the weight loss to a personal trainer and skipping meals. “Puh-lease,” they said, “he told me point blank he uses it.”

In the profile, Licht calls himself a “f*cking machine” for going from 226 pounds to 178. He went further than that: He charged that his CNN predecessor, ousted president Jeff Zucker, “couldn’t do this sh*t.”

“When he mocked the physicality of Jeff it was beyond hypocritical as he lost all of his weight on Ozempic. This was just so offensive,” said two senior staffers in a joint quote. They alleged that Licht had straight-up told them he was on the drug. “I was impressed that he was so open about it as he looks great.”

Upon reading the profile, they quipped that he’s “the Star Jones of CNN,” dragging him for claiming he used diet and exercise. “No sweetie you used a doctor.” They even said he “championed” the drug during editorial meetings.

“Our iconic brand tagline is ‘This is CNN,’ they said. “He should’ve just said ‘’This is Ozempic.’ instead of sh**tting all over Jeff Zucker.”

Since Licht took over in February 2022, CNN has undergone a bit of a makeover. They’ve been letting go down the rhetoric of on-air personalities who are critical of today’s Republicans, including Don Lemon, or at least tried to down them down. Last month’s town hall with Donald Trump blew up in their face spectacularly, leading to them trailing in ratings to no less than Newsmax.

But at least Licht isn’t as infamous as his own boss, Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav.

(Via The Daily Mail)