Famed Playwright/Screenwriter David Mamet Went On Fox New To Bizarrely Proclaim That All ‘Teachers Are Inclined’ To Pedophilia

Someone might want to check on David Mamet. The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright behind Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow, and American Buffalo shared some pretty shocking opinions about what he believes are the unconscious motives of the people who dedicate their lives to teaching our kids—and with Fox News of all places.

As NBC News reports, Mamet sat down with Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday, presumably to push his new book, Recessional: The Death of Free Speech and the Cost of a Free Lunch, in which (according to the publisher) the celebrated writer “calls out, skewers, mocks, and, most importantly, dissects the virus of conformity which is now an existential threat to the West.” And if going against the norm is what Mamet thinks is most needed right now, he certainly chose a bold hill on which to prove his point when he claimed that, whether they know it or not, all teachers have a natural predisposition toward pedophilia.

(No, that’s not a typo.)

“We have to take back control,” Mamet said. “If there’s no community control of the schools, what we have is kids being—not only indoctrinated, but groomed, in a very real sense, by people who are, whether they know it or not, sexual predators. Are they abusing the kids physically? No, I don’t think so. But they’re abusing them mentally and using sex to do so.”

“This has always been the problem with education,” Mamet continued, digging an even deeper hole for himself. “Is that teachers are inclined—particularly men, because men are predators—to pedophilia.”

Come again?

But really: What in the actual f*ck?

While Mamet laid out these accusations as seeming facts, he neither cited any sources nor provided any other proof for just how he came to these conclusions. Of course, it didn’t help that Levin just sat there sort of nodding his head as if all of this made perfect sense and was in no way inflammatory—or insane.

NBC News spoke with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who described Mamet’s comments as “a repulsive demonization of the very people who have been the lifeline to our kids.” NBC also reached out to Mamet via his lawyer, but had not received a response.

(Via NBC News)