Trump Cited His Infamous ‘Greeting’ To The ‘Haters And Losers’ In A Conversation About Uniting America

Esteemed journalist and All the President’s Men inspiration Bob Woodward recently released hours of audio from interviews he conducted with Donald Trump over the years. This ticked off the former president, who fumed that “Woodward never got my permission to release tapes of my various interviews with him,” but, here’s a thought, maybe don’t speak to the guy who helped take down Richard Nixon? Then again, as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, “There is nothing [Trump] likes doing more than talking about himself — it’s his version of phone sex.” That’s only half true: there is nothing Trump likes doing more than talking about himself — and quoting his own tweets.

In the tapes, Woodward asks Trump, “You are president of two Americas, they are divided. Is it, in the end, not your job to be able to bring them together? Isn’t your job, job one, bring them back together?” Trump replied, “I think the biggest problem I have for doing that — I would love to do that, because I’ve oftentimes said that — you remember when I put out the Christmas greeting where I said, ‘Merry Christmas to all, even the haters?’ You know, but I would love to be able to do it, but the biggest problem is the media.”

A rambling answer? Blaming the media? Calling out the haters? Trump is hitting all the greatest hits.

The holiday-themed haters and losers tweet is a favorite of Trump’s. He’s used it for Thanksgiving (“Happy Thanksgiving to all — even the haters and losers”), Christmas and New Year’s (“I’d like to wish all of my friends — and even my many enemies — a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”), and, uh, 9/11 (“I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th”).

Trump should have his Twitter ban lifted for one day and one day only: December 16, 2022. “Happy Avatar: The Way of Water release day, even to the haters and losers” is the message we all need this holiday season.

(Via Raw Story)