Donald Trump Claims He Knows How To End The Ukraine War In 24 Hours, But No, He’s Not Going To Tell You

As Donald Trump continues to ramp up his 2024 presidential run with a series of ranting interviews, the former president is now claiming that he can Russia’s war with the Ukraine “immediately.” However, in true Trump fashion, he’s refusing to elaborate on how he would do that, but just trust him, okay? He knows the exact right special words to make this whole thing go away. You won’t believe it.

“It can be negotiated within 24 hours,” Trump told RSBN (via Rolling Stone). “It has to be done from the office of the president, and you have to get them both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them — which I won’t reveal now — which will guarantee this war will end immediately. They have to do it.”

Obviously, Trump’s words bring back memories of his infamous claim going into the 2016 election that he’s the only person who can stop ISIS. Like his claim of stopping the Russian invasion, Trump also refused to reveal his super secret plans. (For the record, ISIS was not defeated and saw a resurgence in Syria in 2019.)

Of course, Trump’s supposed inside track on how to negotiate the end of the Ukraine war is a stark reminder of his highly questionable relationship with Vladimir Putin. Trump has repeatedly spoken highly of the Russian leader and even gone so far to say he’s more reliable than America’s own intelligence community. The former president was also famously accused of being Putin’s puppet by Hillary Clinton (and many others), so let’s just say there’s a big ol’ question mark around how effective Trump would actually be in negotiating peace. Not to mention, nothing is stopping him now. Jimmy Carter does 14 peace talks before breakfast.

(Via Rolling Stone)