A Very Amped Up Don Jr. Thinks There Must Be An Investigation Into Who Leaked The SCOTUS Draft Opinion, Or Else ‘We Live In A Clown Show State’

Total clown show Donald Trump Jr. had a lot to say about living in a clown show state—if you could make out what he was saying at all. On Wednesday, Don Jr. posted a video that was disturbingly reminiscent of the Micro Machines commercials of yore. Except totally devoid of any fun or whimsy.

Junior had some thoughts about the SCOTUS draft opinion leak, because why wouldn’t he? From what we could make out, he thinks the leak, which he called “unprecedented,” is a travesty. Either that or he was auctioning off a copy of the leaked document—again, it’s hard to understand someone who is speaking at a speed of 300 words per minute. But here’s what we think we heard:

“This kind of stuff never happens. I don’t know that I’m ever aware of a leak. This is not like congress, where everything leaks. And trust me, I’ve done enough testimony. Ummm.”

Seriously, he really did pause after his “testimony” comment.

“The Supreme Court does not have leaks,” Junior continued with anxiety-inducing overzealousness. “So if there is not a thorough criminal investigation into who leaked privileged documents about a draft decision from the United States Supreme Court, where a small, small—tiny handful—of people have access to it, then we live in a clown show state. We live in a clown show state, folks.”

Junior then went off on some weird tangent about NASCAR and nooses? He was clearly reading from prepared notes or a script, which made the whole exercise in nonsensicalness even more bizarre—though entertaining to witness.

You can watch for yourself below.

(Via Ron Filipkowski)