Trump Showed Up To A Controversial ‘Blood Money’ Golf Tournament Looking Like A ‘Star Wars’ Villain… Or Maybe The Crypt Keeper?

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in exercise, other than golf. It’s his second favorite pastime, after screaming at small children on the White House lawn, especially when he can make millions by loaning out his money-bleeding golf courses to Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The former-president is under fire for welcoming and playing in the controversial LIV Golf tour to New Jersey’s Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

“Backed by the vast wealth of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, LIV Golf has drawn accusations of ‘sportswashing’ – that is, using spectacles such as sports to distract from, or normalize, human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime,” Yahoo! Sports reports. The course being less than 50 miles from New York City, on top of LIV Golf’s association with the Saudi government, has “drawn criticism from activist groups who decry the tournament as an insult to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” The term “blood money” is being thrown around, which is never ideal.

But Trump doesn’t care about all that: he’s too preoccupied looking like Emperor Palpatine. Or maybe the Crypt Keeper. Or the fictional parched ghoul of your choice.

Jump scare! Is it generally a bad idea to make fun of someone for the way they look? Sure, yeah. But Trump once suggested that he couldn’t have sexually assaulted a woman because she wasn’t attractive enough for him, so it’s fair game in this instance.

And Twitter did not disappoint:

This is what happens when you no longer have the White House makeup team on the payroll.

(Via the Daily Mail)