Donald Trump Spent His Thanksgiving Whining About ‘CORRUPT…RIGGED SCAM…WITCH HUNT’ Investigations In His Various Crimes

While the word “Thanksgiving” seems to give a pretty clear indication of what the holiday is all about, Donald Trump must have missed the memo. Rather than spending his holiday giving thanks for things like tax breaks for burying your ex-wife on your golf course or not being in federal prison, the former president/2024 presidential hopeful spent Thursday playing the victim.

As Mediaite reports, Trump was very active on his own TRUTH Social yesterday, but it wasn’t to share what he was grateful for. Instead, he channeled the spirit of the holiday into a rant against, well, pretty much anyone who isn’t pro-Trump. First, he posted about the problem with non-Republican judges and/or justices:

When a Republican Judge or Justice is proudly appointed by a Republican, he or she will ALMOST always go out of their way to make a point, even in a decision, that they are in no way “beholden” to the person or party that gave them this great honor. When a Democrat Judge or Justice, especially a Radical Left one, is proudly appointed by a Democrat, he or she just doesn’t care, it is ALMOST impossible to get a fair decision on a case if you are a Republican. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is!

That’s where things got a bit more unhinged, and ALL-CAPS-y:

The so-called investigation of me by a Radical Left Prosecutor, who is totally controlled by Eric Holder and Obama, is a RIGGED SCAM. The “Justice” Department & FBI are CORRUPT, in fact offered $1,000,000 to Christopher Steele to lie, told Facebook that Hunter’s Laptop was Russian Disinformation when they knew it was not, and paid people to “get Trump.” Did nothing wrong on Jan 6th (Peacefully & Patrioticly), or with Documents (Check out past presidents).


He summed up his feelings by dusting off a classic with a third post, which simply said: WITCH HUNT!!!

(Via Mediaite)