Far-Right Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Will Try To Save His Sinking Campaign With ‘40 Days Of Fasting And Prayer’

Doug Mastriano‘s campaign to become Pennsylvania’s next governor isn’t going so well. Like his Republican colleague, Dr. Oz, Mastriano is getting smoked in the polls by his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Josh Shapiro. (Funnily enough, Mastriano also hails from New Jersey.)

Mastriano’s prospects took an embarrassing hit this week when a campaign rally on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg only drew 60 people from the surrounding, deeply conservative area. With his back against the fall and funds dwindling, Mastriano is trying out a new campaign strategy: divine intervention. As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mastriano is urging his supporters to join him for “40 days of fasting and prayer” leading into the midterm elections in November.

“Starting in a few days, it’ll be my honor to fast with you.” Mastriano wrote in a Facebook post.

Mastriano’s failing campaign isn’t exactly surprising to PA Republicans. His candidacy was deemed too radical, even in these MAGA times, and GOP leaders in the state are not being shy about their frustration. Via Inquirer:

“We were opposed to Doug’s candidacy in the primary because we feared that he would not be able to connect with the independent and moderate Democrat voters that are necessary for Republicans to win in Pennsylvania,” said Matt Brouillette, the head of Commonwealth Partners, a pro-business group whose PAC is running the ads criticizing Shapiro.

“Unfortunately, six weeks from the election,” Brouillette said Tuesday, “I haven’t seen anything to suggest we were inaccurate in our assessment.”

Mastriano has also taken a hard line approach against abortion, which has proven to be a losing issue in midterm elections across the country. Dr. Oz recently adopted a similar stance that his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, immediately capitalized on. No amount of fasting is going to fix voters worrying about reproductive rights in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

(Via The Philadelphia Inquirer)