Dr. Oz’s Campaign Lashed Out At A Reporter For Bringing Up Those Allegations About Dogs And Medical Tests

Another day, another blunder by Dr. Oz’s campaign. Although, at least this time he wasn’t standing in front of Hitler’s car. It can’t get worse than that, can it? (It can.)

On Monday, New York Magazine published a blistering report from Rebecca Traister that zeroed in on the Oz campaign’s attempts to exploit John Fetterman’s health issues after the Democratic candidate suffered a stroke shortly before the Pennsylvania primary election. Oz’s people are also attempting to frame Fetterman as soft on crime, which has proven to be a more effective campaign tactic despite Fetterman’s history of combatting gun violence while mayor of Braddock, Pa.

Traister also brought up reports that Oz was involved in medical testing that led to the death of over three hundred dogs, which would not go over well with the TV’s doctor campaign. Via New York Magazine:

The inversions and ironies are mind-boggling. Oz, a man who came to politics after having been questioned on the Senate floor about making unsubstantiated claims regarding “miracle” weight-loss pills, is framing Fetterman as less than medically forthcoming. Oz, who built a daytime-television empire thanks to Oprah Winfrey and by telling women it’s bad to be fat, is feminizing Fetterman and shaming him for being lazy and overweight. Oz, whose medical research led to Columbia University being fined for cruel experimentation on and the deaths of more than 300 dogs, is running a billboard using the image of a little girl and a puppy to cast Fetterman as some sort of deranged pansy, while repeatedly calling him “pro-murderer.”

Surprisingly, Traister received a response from a campaign spokesperson for Oz — who mostly just wanted to insult her.

“Suppose you were the dumbest person in the world,” the spokeperson said. “Now suppose you were a reporter for New York Magazine. But I repeat myself.” However, as Traister notes, “He did not deny the allegations about the puppies.”

(Via New York Magazine)