John Fetterman Used Dr. Oz’s Own Strange Talk About Sex And Rectums And Anuses Against Him In His Latest Ad

It’s less than a month from Election Day, and while some races are imploding, others are keeping on track. In the latter camp is the one between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, who are running for a vacating Senate seat in Pennsylvania. For months, Fetterman has pelted his opponent in creative ways, sometimes using his own words against him. Now he (or some poor intern) is reaching into the deep archives of his longtime show in order to mock him using his own words.

The latest ad, which dropped on Friday, intercuts a mock-standard campaign ad with clips of Oz saying weird stuff about sex and digestion on The Dr. Oz Show, which ran until earlier this year, when he up and decided to rebrand as a MAGA candidate. One juxtaposition starts with a faux-earnest narrator talking about “struggling” Pennsylvanians, then cuts to Oz using some questionable, carnival-like doohickey to guess the age of a woman’s vagina. (It’s 73, by the way.)

Elsewhere, Oz can be seen talking about penises that “bend to the left,” telling participants to act like poop, showing off a giant model rectum, and telling someone that their “anus looks like your lips.” This isn’t up there with Crudité-gate or enlisting Snooki, but it’s a reminder that there are 13 seasons worth of potentially humiliating Oz material, to say nothing of his stints on Oprah.

You can watch the ad in the video above.

(Via The Wrap)